Cabarceno Nature Park

Cabarceno Natural Park is one of Cantabria’s main destinies for every kind of visitor.

Although it hosts a huge variety of animals from all around the world, it doesn’t suit with the classical definition of a zoo. Its amazing landscape and the spaciousness of the premises of the animals makes it something different (and something more) from any other zoo you may have visited. Elephants in Cabarceno Nature Park

Cabarceno Natural Park resembles Spielberg’s movie Jurassic Park. The spaces for the animals are so big that it’s perfectly possible that you arrive to the pen of the hyenas and you cannot find them. The same may happen with wolves, hypos or many other animals (perhaps elephants are too big to hide).

Some of the species live together in the same places, such as the wild boars, the monkeys and the antilops, or the zebras, the giraffes and the ostrichs. You may be able to get very close to some of them if you are lucky enough.

Cabarceno Nature Park is a former Roman iron mine, mentioned by the roman writer Plinio in their tales, which has been operating until the first half of XX Century. Due to the amount of iron in the ground, it has its peculiar reddish color. In its 750 Has

You will find more than 100 different species of animals in the Park. Among them, the most special are the Brown Bears (Ursus Arctos Arctos), which are under high risk of extinction in Spain and Europe, and there are only some of them left in the mountains of Cantabria and Asturias, and a bunch of them in the Pyrinees. In Cabarceno you will have the best (and probably the only) opportunity to watch one life.

What to do: Cabarceno Natural Park is a place for spending the whole day. There are restaurants inside, and you will also be able to leave the Park for having lunch in any of the villages around and return.

When: Cabarceno Nature Park will probably be the best idea on a cloudy day, when the beaches may be less atractives.

Where: Cabarceno Nature Park is in Cabarceno, at about 20 km from Santander by car.

Map of Cabarceno Nature Park

Prices: Depending on the day of the year, prices may go from 15 to 20€.

Timetable: Cabarceno opens at 9.30 in summer and closes at 19.00 in july and august. The rest of the year the timetable is slightly reduced.

Guide Hint: Don’t forget to visit the birds of prey shows.

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